Who We Are

The Last Pair of Sunglasses You’ll Ever Need?

Born from a lifetime of extreme sports, Sili Sunglasses creators were tired of constantly breaking their frames, so came together to create a pair of great looking, durable sunglasses that come apart on impact.

Made from an extremely flexible polymer, Sili Sunglasses bend but bounce right back to their original shape. The material is lighter than conventional sunglasses plastic making them comfortable to wear all day long. Sili lenses are made from polycarbonate making them shatter resistant. They offer UV400 protection and come polarised as standard ensuring excellent levels of vision clarity.

Unlike other sunglasses designed to withstand impact, Sili’s 11 interchangeable arm & frame colours and six lens options make them totally customisable, meaning you can create a pair to match even your wildest ideas.

Everyone knows that when you push the limits you’re going to get hurt or break something whether it be yourself or your equipment. Sunglasses are just one of those things that have always tended to break easily, they’re not cheap either, which is why we created Sili.

We've created a pair of sunglasses you can customise whenever you want with removable arms so you can really get that unique look with your custom sunglasses.