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What is a "Second" pair of Sili's?

A manufacturer second is a set of sunglasses with small cosmetic defects or marks on frame or arms.

The lenses are all brand new and in perfect condition.

We can't sell these at full price so as we know you lot love a bargain we've knocked them down by 50%! BARGAIN.

You will receive:

  • 1 x Pair of Sili's
  • 1 x soft bag
  • 1 x hard case

 Typical cosmetic defects include:

  1. Slight marks on the silver logo on the arm of the sunglasses.
  2. Small mark/s on the frame (usually on the inside and not visible when wearing)

The sunglasses will be perfectly functional and shipped with brand new, unmarked lenses.

Some marks are more obvious than others and the majority of sunglasses will only have one mark.

Any imperfections are only cosmetic - you will receive a fully functioning set of Sili's which will not have a shorter life than a perfect pair. We do not sell faulty items as seconds - only ones with cosmetic imperfections. 

From every batch of sunglasses produced there will be some with slight marks, which we can't sell as perfect, so they're here at bargain prices for you to enjoy. 

Second's sell quickly and past customers of these are often surprised at what we class as a second - we're very strict! So to the untrained eye the pair you receive will probably look perfect :-) 

The Last Pair Of Sunglasses You'll Ever Need

Sunglasses break. All. The. Time.

Whether it be sitting on them & the hinge breaking off or trapping them in a car door, most of us at some point will have broken our favourite pair of sunglasses replacing them time and time again.

What if you could buy a pair of sunglasses that changed all that?

Introducing Sili - Flexible, Customisable, Durable Sunglasses

Product Features

• Flexible Swiss TR90 Memory Polymer Frame & Arms For Insane Durability.
• Polarised Polycarbonate Shatter Proof Lenses With 100% UVA/UVB UV400 Protection For Supreme Vision Clarity.
• Interchangeable Pop Off Arms For Custom Colour Styling + Added Durability.
• Lightweight Frames Give You a Comfortable Fit.
• Hard Case & Soft Microfibre Cloth Included.
• Lifetime Warranty on Frames & Arms.
• CE Approved To European Optical Standards.

High Tech Sunglasses Without The High Tech Price Tag

Sili has engineered a range of sunglasses, made from only the best materials, at a price you can afford. Our lenses are polarised as standard with vision clarity to rival the largest of brands. The frames flex & bend offering unrivalled durability while ensuring your favourite pair of sunglasses last even the harshest of batterings you give them. Interchangeable pop off arms mean you can switch up the colours, plus if you sit or step on them they might pop apart but can be easily put back together again.

When You Buy:

You'll not only be getting the best pair of sunglasses you'll ever own, you'll also receive fast registered shipping. Your Sili's will arrive in a stylish hard clam shell case along with cleaning cloth & soft bag for storage. You'll also get a registration card for your lifetime warranty & contact details for our UK customer support team.