Created with Adventurers in mind...


The idea is to have a pair of sunglasses which are durable and able to withstand the rigors of an active lifestyle. Which is why they have been tested out in real world environments and not a lab!



Swiss Made TR90 Polymer Plastic forms the frame and arms of all our glasses. This is a high quality, durable and flexible Optical plastic.  TR90 Polymer is known for its light weight, giving you a 'barely there' feel. It is Impact and heat resistant to 350 degrees! These attributes result in a frame that is resistant to bending and stretching, resilient to damage and because of its pliability, is less likely to break!  


Now... None of this would really matter if you didn't have lenses that aren't equal in quality.  Because, lets face it...  You bought your Sunnies to protect your eyes and improve your clarity of vision, so the last thing you want is a thousand scratches on your lenses!  So not only do all of our glasses come with Polarized lenses as standard they are also made from Polycarbonate.  This lens material is known as a 'Hi-Index' lens.  This means it is a thinner, lighter weight lens. It is made from a Thermoplastic Polymer of a Carbonate group and is about 10 times more impact resistant than normal plastic and glass!  Its the material you would find in Safety Eyewear for people with hazardous jobs...it's that tough! This gives you scratch, heat and impact resistant lenses to match your lightweight, durable frame!


So, we have created a frame and lenses which are strong. But what makes us different?  Well, it's all in the arms! Because the material we use is Injection molded we have been able to create detachable arms that aren't held in place with screws. So if you accidently step or sit on them you can just clip them back together.  Did I mention that the lenses are also interchangeable?! Unlike other sunglass companies you can also buy replacement lenses and arms at a reasonable price.  Which gives you the freedom of a custom design and safety in the knowledge that if you lose a component of your frame you can replace a part and not have to invest in another pair of glasses. With Free UK Shipping, it couldn't be any more convenient either!


So the only question is... which pair do you want?